Calling All Cakes

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Girls T-Rex Dinosaur Cake

When Julie told me her request, I must admit I was a bit nervous of how it would turn out! Her little girl didn't want a cutsie T-Rex, he had to have sharp teeth and look fierce, and not look like a boys cake. That was all I had to go I sculpted and airbrushed a T-Rex popping out of a pretty present.
What a birthday surprise!! Jade-this turned out to be one of my favorites! Happy Birthday!!

Baby Dragon Cake

Baby Bostons first birthday. Dragon and egg-all cake. I wish these photos did this cake justice. I just just want to kiss that baby dragon
The cupcake had one candle which represented baby's first, and gave baby Boston something to tear into. Happy Birthday Boston!!

Here Comes the Bride Cake

These cakes were made originally for Caitlan's bridal shower, and then displayed on the food table at her reception. There is the brides dress, and the dresses for her 5 brides maids. For the first time I wished I had a daughter to make little princess' for a princess party, then maybe a sweet 16 party, or prom, and then for the wedding. They make great party favors. Well no girls- so it's up to my clients, future daughter-in-laws, & granddaughters(maybe) to make these darling dresses for. Cakes I never get tired of doing-they're just too cute!

Sweet Apron Cake

For those of you who know my mother, you know she LOVES aprons. She's got one for every occasion. She wears them everywhere, and now one she can eat! Happy birthday mom-luv you much!

Strawberry Waffles Cake

Some might find this choice of a birthday cake oddly interesting, which it is even when you know the inspirational story. You see this cake was made for Bunna(my husbands mother), they are strawberry waffles, almost like the ones she makes for the family every Christmas morning....minus the ham. Yes ham. Tradition is to place chunks of ham in the batter, cook them, top with strawberries & cream, then gobble them. Well not a fan of the ham. So this cake is minus the ham. Which that is why I say oddly interesting....because of the ham. I hope Bunna liked my version of strawberry waffles with out ham...cause I sure do like hers! (with out ham of course)

Sushi Cake

These are little sushi rolls I did for my husband and brothers birthday. This might just be the only sushi I can stomach.
I thought it was a fun cute idea to try. A must eat almost immediately after making (dry out quickly), like sushi I would suppose (spoiling???)
Happy Birthday boys!

Wishing Well Cake

"Wishing you well".....a Happy Birthday, a happy life in your new nest, to get well soon....this is a very versatile cake. I've done this cake a few times now, the first time for my grandmas 85th birthday, and it never gets old......unless your 40 like my last client. It helped Mich'l smile a little even though she turned the big 4-0.

Slip N' Slide Birthday!

This cake was inspired by the actual birthday party activities. A bunch of boys having some fun in the sun on a slip'n slide. The cake almost got me to join in the fun myself!
Sadly this photo doesn't show great detail....even when you click on it to enlarge. The hills were the cake, the children, balloons, clouds, picnic table with plates, pizza, drinks....all sculpted out of fondant.

Thomas The Trains"Duck" Birthday Cake

This is a cake I did for my youngest sons 4th birthday. I placed some dry ice in the smoke stack, and we were ready to party! This cake was definitely easier to do than finding the actual train "duck"....thanks to my friend Staci ,who has been on a thomas track down herself, she lent us hers until our Ebay purchase arrived. "ALL ABOARD!"