Calling All Cakes

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ice cream sandwich anyone?

Happy Birthday Dad! I have to say I struggled a little with what cake to do for my dad...and in the last hour I came up with one of his favorite treats. I was a little short on product, so it's half fondant and half good old Betty Crocker frosting.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sarah

This is a wedding cake I did for a bride-Sarah-who knew exactly what she wanted. I was so excited about her choice of doing the accent flower out of sugar. It really made this cake fun to do, and helped make this cake beautifully unique! Cake details: 12-10-8-6 round x-deep, variety of flavors with cream cheese fillings, pearl detailing ,and the 4"sugar flower.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here's where YOU pay the tooth fairy!

This is a cake I did for Ceramtech Dental Labs open house. They make things like crowns and bridges for those of us whose teeth need a little extra help! They also can place images on the this Mtn. Dew can(which is how I've earned a few crowns myself I'd say-pop that is, coke specifically!)

Super Mario-Super fun...little King Boo just turned 5!

For those of you wondering who King Boo is...he's the ghost on the top of the cake, the character seen in the castles in Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart Wii......and the new nick name for my little 5 yr old. He started what I call "Mario Madness." These games are highly addictive for just about anyone, thus a fantastic idea for a birthday cake. Time was once again against a few details are plastic(mario,luigi,yoshi,red toad, and the princess)the rest is all hand crafted. Definitely a fun cake to eat and make. And lets just say all the research wasn't that bad either!

Birthday Monkey Madness!

It may be hard to tell in this photo which part is the cake......and the answer is the mouths of the monkeys. The rest is done with color flow. In short that means that it is hand drawn and filled with a special frosting. Mirandas inspiration came from a darling bedding set she got for her birthday. Happy Birthday Miranda-you cute little monkey.

The Tara

Tara wanted to keep things simple and elegant. And I think it turned out just like she requested!
Cake details:
1/2 inch satin ribbon
Hydrangeas (supplied by florist)
White cake with vanilla buttercream(all tiers)

Happy Birthday Taryn-you little doll!

Taryn loves pink, and dolls, and flowers. She didn't hesitate in letting me know what she was looking for. 6yrs old and she's already got it goin' on. This photo has been edited slightly. I was messing around with the sepia, black and white, and antique options, and somehow permanently saved the photo in the photo isn't to pink like the cake was. Taryn has brown hair so I naturally used my doll with the same color hair. I do have a blonde version as well.

There are so many options with the doll cake....Sweet 16, Bridal shower (as seen below without the doll), dance, and Disney princess. You get the Barbie-I dress her in cake!

Remembering sweet little Levi

I was so honored to be asked to duplicate the cake that Levi got in celebration of his one month birthday. Sadly Levi passed shortly thereafter. It was the anniversary gift my cousin Caitlan gave to her Sister Jenna in remembrance of that special day. So thoughtful of you Cait! He was such a sweet little boy and will be greatly missed! Thanks again-and LOVE you all!!

Jump into Birthday fun!

This cake was a joint effort. Birthday boy and mother of cake making. It was a lot of fun creating this trampoline cake with Heston. We had to make sure all his friends were included. We have E-dog(Ethan) in the blue with the glasses, Harrison in the yellow, brother Hubby sitting on the edge, and Talmage the Texas fan in orange.

Dax loves the Tracks!

I donated a cake at our Scout silent auction, and the winner chose to do a train cake for their son Daxtons 4th birthday(note the #4's on the front). I thought he'd choose a Thomas train, no, Tracks Train. I had never seen the train up close so I must say I was a little sad that a few minor details were left off due to my lack of familiarity of the train, & the early departure of the train to the party. It turned out pretty good though-he loved it, and that was all that mattered to me!

Train Cont.

Somehow I'm having technical difficulties. Surprising right?

Happy Birthday Princess Emma!

This cake screams girly! For a mother of 3 boys, doing cakes like these are oddly exciting for me. When I was younger I was more of a tom boy so a cake like this wouldn't have been my request, but now that I'm older and have been to Disney......I'm a fan of a good carriage cake! It also reminds me of a carriage ride my sweet husband took me on while we were dating-such a romantic! Hey there's another avenue for the use of this cake. Maybe a proposal, or a ride down memory lane. So many options! There is Tinkerbell's house also made out of this cake pan. I hope to get a few other versions posted soon so that you can see the fun things that can be done!
Cake details: Piped with buttercream and fondant accents.

The McKall

Mckall had a detailed vision for her cake, which helped me out a lot! She supplied the cake stand, flowers, and photos for the cake. It was a lot of fun having her help with this creation. I was almost sure she could have made the cake too with all of her talents. Congrats!!

Cake details:
Square; 12-8-6;